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Sugden Mystro Integrated Amplifier with Moving Magnet Phono Stage (as standard)

The Mystro Integrated Amplifier is a high-end integrated amplifier that puts its competitors (at several times the price) to shame.

Sugden Integrated Amplifiers have been drawing high praise in the audio world for over four decades and the new Mystro model is destined to be greatly hailed and admired.  The Mystro is a solid state 50 watts per channel AB amplifier capable of driving a broad range of loudspeakers, specially developed to retain the low level listening advantages of Sugden Class ‘A’ amplifiers.  Manufactured at the Sugden factory in Yorkshire, England, by their dedicated workforce it is their high-end introductory product to a world of music reproduction, a beguiling world of ‘Rescuing Music From Technology’.

This Sugden Mystro amplifier has many innovative and original circuits providing the ultimate in reproduction performance.  The Mystro has by design an excellent Green Pedigree, fully metal cased, housing RoHs compliant components; it requires very low quiescent and operating power.

The Mystro amplifier is a very fast and dynamic amplifier, which will enthrall and surprise its audience whilst still retaining the hall mark of all Sugden products, Fatigue Free Listening.  A superb portrayer of natural instruments, because of the fatigue free sound it is also particularly suitable for reproducing popular music.

The Mystro is the first Sugden amplifier to include a ‘VCV’ (voltage current voltage) pre amplifier stage.  The configuration of this pre-amplifier includes a buffered input, voltage to current converter (Howland Current Pump) and current to voltage output stage.  This produces a perfect current, independent of the volume control setting, in the HCP stage, resulting in perfect structure and extremely low signal to noise characteristics.  This current drives the virtual earth output stage achieving an exceptional tonal balance, even at very low listening levels.

The pre-amplifier is combined with an AB power amplifier which has been developed over many years to give the best compromise between Class ‘A’ and Class ‘B’ type operation.  The power amplifiers are configured as dual mono output stages with low impedance power supplies to ensure excellent bass timing.  The circuitry has been tuned to give extended high frequency clarity, with purpose and punch, to deal with some of the latest digital recordings techniques.  Tremendous headroom has also been included in the tone burst capabilities of the 125-watt, multi emitter, bi-polar output devices.

The whole circuitry results in an amplifier with low noise floor, constant tonal balance, optimum high frequency performance and uncoloured, unrestrained fatigue free sound.  A sound, which could only be found in the most expensive designs until now.

Selection of the input signal is by discreet input relays, positioned to minimise the signal paths and operated by a front panel, rotary selector switch.  The volume control is accomplised via a front mounted rotary gain control which can also be RC5 remote operated.  It operates just like a normal volume control whilst retaining sonic purity.

A large high quality, mono, printed circuit board houses all the selected discreet audio components, together with individually selected, low noise, low distortion, high slew rate and high bandwidth op amps.  Most hardware components are mounted directly to the board and where they have hard-wired interfaces these are all of special silver/gold constructions.  Observation of the main board reveals a disciplined topography with right and left channels clearly defined and the use of best audio practice techniques.

The power supply is a robust triple secondary wound toroidal transformer of 200va.  There are separate windings for each power output channel and a third winding for supplying the pre-amplifier stages.  The latter supply is arranged with high impedance channel-to-channel and current shunt supplies to the active stages.  The power output stages are smoothed by 6800uf capacitors, resulting in low impedance, fast response power availability to drive and control the connected speakers.

The Sugden Mystro amplifier embodies truly advanced and innovative audio circuitry, developed to its ultimate level, value engineered and subjectively mastered, to create a wondrously musical amplifier.

The Mystro line is only available in titanium finish.


Inputs – Three line level inputs and Moving Magnet phono input.

Outputs – One pair of stereo multi way binding posts suitable for spade or 4mm banana plugs.

Remote Control – Volume up/down.


Line Input Sensitivity – 155mV for maximum output.

Moving Magnet Phono Sensitivity – 2mV.

Power Output – 50 watts per channel into 8 Ohms both channels working.  75 watts per channel into 4 Ohms both channels working.

Frequency Response – 20Hz to 20kHz +/-0.5dB.

Bandwidth – 10Hz to 170kHz +/- 3dB points.

Signal to Noise (Line) – >90dB.

Distortion – @1kHz 1 Watt <0.2%.

Gross Weight – 8kg.

Dimensions – 92mm x 430mm x 310mm (HWD).

Recommended Retail Price – AUD$ No longer available.

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