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Neophonics® is the sole Australian importer and distributor for Sugden Audio and is Sugden’s longest serving distributor.

Neophonics® has an exclusive authorised reseller network.

With growing internet sales some consumers have bought Sugden Audio products thinking it was manufactured for the Australian market place, when in fact it has been sourced from intermediaries from Europe or Asia.

All Neophonics® products are made and comply to Australian standards, have certification clearly affixed, and have company labels attached to packaging and other details incorporated in the documentation.

All Neophonics® supplied products have our Warranty Card (with specific product description) included and provides the full manufacturer’s warranty and our extended warranty for Australian consumers.

Be aware the manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to parallel imports (also known as grey imports).  However, under Australian Consumer Law the retailer (seller) would be obligated to honour any warranty offered by them in relation to the sale of the goods.

If you are uncertain of the source of the Sugden Audio product you are interested in buying take these simple steps:

  1. Verify it is supplied by Neophonics® the sole Australian importer and distributor.
  2. Verify it is offered for sale by an Authorised Sugden Audio reseller.
  3. Make sure it has our certification fixed on the product, company labels attached to packaging, Neophonics® details included in documentation and our extended Warranty Card provided.

If the product does not include the items mentioned, give us a call on +61 3 5156 6888 for authentication as we keep records of serial numbers for all Sugden Audio products manufactured for the Australian market place and imported by us.

Sugden A21SE Signature Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier (Line)