Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Amplifier – Internal view


Sugden Audio products reflect the best in the company’s long history of producing amplifiers, digital processors and loudspeakers with exceptional musical qualities. A history which stretches over forty-five years to the first commercially available pure class ‘A’ solid state amplifiers. Amplifiers which are hailed as classics and which are sought after even to this day.

The Sugden signature sound gives you the rich bodied sound of valve amplifiers without the related problems.

Hand made in England

The company continues to hand-build products with each individual unit being the responsibility of one technician. This may appear indulgent in an age of automation and mass production, but it can be justified by the quality standards, which are the payback of a satisfied workforce. Sugden production methods are the antithesis of robotic mass production and the maelstrom of that working environment. Which other company can cite live key assembly staff with the experience of over one hundred years of continuous combined service? Their pride and satisfaction in producing Sugden products lifts the standards of all the employees, they are the team leaders. For Sugden is a team of special people, demanding of their own standards, creating an added dimension for the discerning owners of Sugden products.

Sophisticated Audio Technology

Sugden design and development, whilst encompassing and considering the latest technological developments, only include them if they improve the perceived sonic performance. Whilst the personal computer has brought tremendous opportunities for extending design criteria, circuit modelling, product modelling and layouts, Sugden products are not designed by computer but are the products of computer aided design. The design and development priorities of Sugden have always been focussed on the final ability of the equipment to reproduce a total musical performance. The development of Sugden Products has a major subjective element to it. Hours of prototyping, component selection, measuring and listening to enable Sugden Audio products to deliver a complete musical experience. This is the sophistication that is added to Sugden products after the design tools have been fully exhausted.

Highest Quality Materials

The materials used by Sugden are selected for their intrinsic contribution to the overall performance of the equipment. The overall screening properties of full metal cases form an essential clean environment for the sophisticated electronic circuit. The cases, knobs, heat sinks and metal fixtures are also individually machined and fabricated in-house, assisting quality control.

>> The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications or design of its products at any time without notice.

>> Prices listed are subject to change without prior notice.